Water Treatment Plant Brick Repair


961 Wilson Rd. – Waterport, NY 14571

Ph (585)682 3962             Fax (585) 682-4696

Email – ARush@villageofalbionny.com



A:        The Village of Albion, is requesting proposals from qualified individuals or firms to perform brick repair and point work at the Water Treatment Plant. The Water Treatment Plant is located at 961 Wilson Rd, Waterport, NY 14571.


B:        The work will consist of inspection and repair of the water treatment facility exterior brick work.


The Village of Albion has been and will continue to be an equal opportunity organization. All qualified Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) suppliers, contractors and/or businesses will be afforded equal opportunity without discrimination because of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual preference or Vietnam Era Veterans status.


Scope of Work:

The individual or firm selected shall:


  • Repair and restore the water treatment plant building exterior brick work. The building was constructed in 1962 and the most recent point work performed in 2002.
  • Provide Bricks for replacement of broken or otherwise compromised bricks.
  • Provide color matched mortar for repair of broken or compromised mortar joints.
  • Provide an overview of work completed with before and after pictures of more severe repairs.


  • This work is based on 8-Hour Shifts per Day
  • The project shall reach substantial completion within 90 days of a signed agreement.
  • This proposal shall include equipment and labor
  • Proposal shall include any travel and living expenses
  • Proposal shall include an electronic and printed report of all equipment
  • Prior to beginning work, the contractor is to have adequate Workman’s Compensation coverage satisfactory to the Village proof of which shall be provided to the Village of Albion prior to the commencement of the project if there is an owner and employees. The contractor shall also provide proof of a One Million ($1,000,000.00) Dollars liability insurance policy.
  • All work to be performed at prevailing rate.
  • The Village reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Statement of Qualifications:

The Village is seeking to contract with a competent professional individual or firm that has had experience with municipal entities. As such, please provide within your list of referrals from past projects as well as credentials of all technicians who will or may be assigned to the project.


Please note that Village will not use lowest/best bid as the sole basis for entering into this contract.

Submittal Instructions:

  1. All proposals must be submitted in writing by 11:00 AM on April 18th, 2023 to receive consideration. Proposers mailing their proposals should allow normal delivery time to ensure receipt of their proposals by the Village. Proposals should be addressed to: Adam B Rush, Chief Operator, 961 Wilson Rd, Waterport, New York 14571 or hand-delivered to the Village of Albion Water Treatment Plant prior to the submission deadline.
  2. A pre-bid walkthrough will be held at the water treatment plant on Wednesday, March 29th, at 1 PM.
  3. All proposals must be sealed and clearly marked on the outside “Proposal for WTP Brick repair” with the proposer’s name and address.
  4. Questions concerning the “RFP” should be directed to Adam B Rush at (585) 682-3962 or at ARush@VillageofAlbionNY.com. Proposers not selected will be promptly notified.



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