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Originally called Newport, Albion changed its name in the early 1800’s due to there already being a Newport, New York. Albion is located twelve miles south of Lake Ontario along the Erie Canal. As the county seat of Orleans County, it is centrally located- approximately 30 miles west of Rochester and 50 miles east of Buffalo. It enjoys the breeze from Lake Ontario in the summer months and the blistering cold in winter. This small community is rich in the history of the Erie Canal, the cobblestone homes, with landmark buildings such as our Courthouse, the Pullman Church and the Albion Cemetery.

Many enjoy watching the seasons change and the activities associated with those changes such as the Strawberry Festivals, the 4H Fair, the Dog Show, the Weekend Farmers’ Market, Easter Egg Hunts, and the endless sports activities at our numerous community parks. In three square miles exist a very modern and high-tech community library and community center, the Albion Central School District campus, a Fire Department, Village Police and a host of community organizations such as the Elks, Masons, Daughters of the American Revolution, The Rotary, the Lion’s Club, COVA, Red Cross, Friends of the Library and numerous sports booster clubs. Our churches are often engaged in village life and programs such as the Community Kitchen. This is a community that is welcoming to the future and respectful of its heritage.

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Village Clerk’s Office
Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

35-37 East Bank St., Albion, NY 14411

Phone: (585)589-9176
Fax: (585)589-1218

Mount Albion Cemetery

14925 Route 31, Albion, NY 14411

Village Dept. of Public Works

301 Washington St., Albion, NY 14411

Village Pollution Control Facility

14740 Densmore Rd., Albion, NY 14411

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